JUNE 3, 2017: CORRINA on How To Write Non-Fiction That Can Help Your Career

We’ll be talking about the pluses and minuses of blogging/articles/non-fiction, and I’ll have some tips on how to write articles that might be noticed, how to construct a great post, and possible markets for your work outside your own website.

As talked about earlier on the loop, we’ve redone the meeting structure to allow people to come in later or spend the whole day with us, depending on your commitments and what you’re interested in for this meeting.


JUNE 3, 2017 at 72 Maple Street, Bristol, CT 06010

9:30-10:30am Business Meeting

10:30-10:45am Member News (1 minute per member)

10:45-11am Getting ready/break/speaker setup

11:00-12:30pm – see above!

12:30-1:30am Potluck Lunch Social

1:30-1:45pm Member Corner

1:45-2pm Break

2-3pm Newbie Writing 101

After the speaker, time is allotted for a member’s corner/writing craft corner. We discussed what this could be last month, and the suggestions ran from picking one craft element for a roundtable discussion (such as conflict/dialogues, etc) or possible brainstorming with plot problems with each other’s work.

Or it’s possible to go off and write quietly on your own.

YES, this is a new location!

I know there’s been some confusion about where it is but I can tell you it is just up the street on the same side as the Antique Clock and Watch Museum, a big white building at 100 Maple Avenue, Bristol, CT. You’ll see the *awning* that reads 72 Maple Street on a brick building. (Here’s the website of the museum, so you can see what it looks like:

Here are the directions that the museum gives from I-84 (II-84 West (from Boston/Hartford): Take exit 38 and merge onto CT-6 West towards Bristol (go 8.9 mi). At the railroad tracks (just after Bristol Commons) turn left onto Maple Street.)

Basically, if you can find CT-6, you can find Maple Street in Bristol and find our meeting place.

The road forks just after 72 Maple Avenue but you can turn into its parking lot before that. If anyone needs a ride, speak up, and we’ll sort that out!

Yes, it’s an apartment building. It belongs to Deb Davis, who is graciously letting us use the meeting space there in the basement for free and providing us with a permanent home, which we have lacked for a long time. There is a kitchen right there, hence the potluck lunch. We don’t have volunteers yet for the lunch. (There is also a gorgeous rooftop where we can hold meetings too…)


LINDA COOK is hosting the July 15 picnic, so mark your calendar. It’s easy to get to, right off I-384 in Bolton. There’s always plenty of great food and good conversation. Start thinking about what you want to bring and let Linda know via the Yahoo loop. She will provide the drinks and paper goods.

Linda Cook’ s address:
70 Mt. Sumner Dr.
Bolton, CT 06043



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