2016 HOLIDAY PARTY     Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Newington, CT

December 10, 2016   Board Meeting 10a.m., SAGGY MIDDLES at 11, par-tay during and after!!

Come one and all- please bring a dish to share (note there are gluten free members), coffee and tea provided as well as paper goods. Let Emily know what you intend to bring at

Our own Corrina Lawson-Lavitt will teach us how to lose our SAGGY MIDDLES (Um, no. Not the ones under our jeans- the ones on our computers!), and of course there will be cheer and noshing the entire time!

Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Newington, CT 06111  860-665-8700 **We will gather in the large room just off the main entry foyer. Hope to see you all there!!





(From L to R: Jamie K. Schmidt, Rebecca Slitt, Sandra Marton, Dee Davis, Kathe Robin, Linda Ingmanson)

Finessing the First Page a Fabulous Event!!!

For those who attended, especially our distinguished panel, a huge & heartfelt THANK YOU!! For those who were unable to attend, you were missed! CORW will be putting on another event just like this next Fall, so stay tuned for details! Until then, some take-aways from our experts on First Page MUSTS:

‘The story starts when the bottle falls off the table’, instructed Chief Historical Reviewer for RTBookLovers as she pushed her water bottle closer and closer to the end of the table. ‘That is where the story begins’ (aka: the inciting Incident).

Other gems of the day for First Pages (Collectively attributed to entire panel):

The difference between a good writer and a great writer is mastering Point of View!!

First pages MUST hook the reader

First pages must show the main character and their actions (not thoughts, dreams, etc. And starting with the main character is important because that is who the reader will connect with first).

The first page asks a question that will be answered with the rest of the book. This is a promise to the reader. Keep it!

Push your idea outside of the ‘normal’ box – be different!

The first page must also show the (main) characters and the plot, or an element of the plot

In short, first pages answer or begin to answer most of these questions: who, what, where, when, and why.

Last but not least, make your submission copy error free! One miss-spelled word is probably acceptable, but more than one spelling or grammar error will kick your reader- aka an Editor or an Agent (gasp)!- out of your story and probably lose your chance to get them to want more from you.

Most of all, we were all encouraged to continue writing and perfecting our chosen craft!



Francis Brown (writing as Claire Gem) will give insider tips on Marketing & Book Signings…and she knows, having had 3 books come out this year alone! Needless to say, she’s been busy doing both, and will offer us some great ideas on how to get people to come over to the table, as well as other key insights for marketing.

Board meeting at 10, general meeting begins at 11. Lunch after at a to-be decided local restaurant, and all are welcome!!

Meeting will be held at the South Windsor Public Library, 1550 Sullivan Avenue, Windsor, CT 06074


Corrina Lawson will help us do away with Saggy Middles. No, there will be no yoga or calisthenics! Instead, Corrina will take us through the steps on how to make sure your BOOK’s middle doesn’t sag, droop, or otherwise wander aimlessly! Meeting location to be determined, but since it is a Holiday Party, all are encouraged to bring their favorite treats to share buffet-style. Coffee & tea provided.


IN-HOUSE CRITIQUE SESSION. Details to be finalized, but there will be a yahoo link where those who will attend may submit their work beforehand so that everyone participating can read ahead of time. Page count will be limited to either a segment of your manuscript, or one page Synopsis, or back-cover Blurbs. Suggestions welcomed! Email Emily or Deb with your ideas! At the meeting, we will do a round-table critique session. Limits on page count and other details to be posted near and announced at the Holiday meeting. Location to be determined.


Save the day!! Location to be finalized, but it will be in the Hartford area, lunch is always included, and more details will be posted as soon as we have them.